A classic, ladies and gentlemen…. A CLASSIC.

Independent Woman – played by kittens. Thank you Joel Veitch of rathergood.com. It’s been about a million internet years, and I just never get sick of this!

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Weetzie Naps On Oven Mitt


Curled up on a tattered old (and borderline grungy) oven mitt. Weetzie first discovered Exness this old mitt when she was a teeny, tiny kitten. Back then the oven mitt was 8 years younger, and the perfect size for a kitten nap. It was a actually a pretty plush and glamorous cat bed back in the day. But now, well… it’s put in a lot of years in the kitchen.

And our Weetzie is a full grown cat now,? and WAY too big. The fact that she can no longer fit comfortably on the oven mitt does not faze her. If we leave it on the counter or table, we will find her attempting to curl up on it within minutes.

I guess this is why I don’t ever seem to get around to buying a replacement mitt.


Dead Nectarine - Drained by Vampire CatYears ago we discovered that Weetzie loves nectarines. I, the lady human, am a big fan of the nectarine and buy them in large quantities when they’re in season. They’re a fruit that has to be perfectly ripe to be all they can be, and they can’t get that way sitting in the fridge – which is how we found out about Weetzie’s taste for them. Anytime I leave a basket of them ripening in the kitchen she will find them. Doesn’t matter if they’re in one of the forbidden zones (the stove top, the kitchen counter), she will find them – and she will have her way with them.

I once walked in to the kitchen and found my darling cat holding one down with her paw, with her mouth attached to the poor, innocent nectarine – draining it like a vampire. That’s her method, the vampire bite. She clamps in and sucks out the juice. Look at those cat fang marks in that photo up there. Yikes!

I don’t really get why she loves them so much, as I’ve read in several respectable publications that they believe cats cannot taste sweet. But if it’s not the sweet juice she’s after, what else could it be?

Pixie is completely Exness Broker Indonesia disinterested in nectarines, or any other fruit for that matter. But every summer I have to fight Weetzie for my favorite fruit.



Cat Laments in Haiku Form

the lady human she stands and stands, not sitting the lap is missing ??????????????????? – Weetzie           so little food left my meal is almost over when is the next one? ??????????????? – Pixie        

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Go Natural Cat Food Review

Go Cat Food, or “Go! Natural Cat Food” as it’s officially called (including the action packed exclamation point) is a line of? dry, canned, and grain free cat foods made by Petcurean. I’m not a veterinarian or a nutritionist, so when somebody tosses around terms like “nutrient dense” and “revolutionary” I basically have to decide [...]

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Lap Ninja

Weetzie has some skills. She’s a fantastic jumper. She does a great exness.my.id impression of a rabbit. She’s a good sneezer. She’s pretty! But her most impressive and useful skill is the art of lap ninja-ing. Not many cats can pull off the stealthy act of approaching and settling into the lap of a human without [...]

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Toronto Cat Rescue Needs Help!

I was asked to re-post this by the Toronto Cat Rescue. I didn’t have to think about that very long, the TCR is close to my heart as that’s where we found Pixie and Weetzie, right around this time of year, 8 years ago. If you know of anyone who can help, please let them [...]

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