Weetzie’s Cat Emporium = 2 cats, 2 humans

Weetzie - Lounging On White SofaMeet Weetzie

An adorable, cuddly and affectionate lap cat with nerves of glass.  She is scared of pretty much everything, and very vocal about it.

Likes: seafood, nectarines, plush cushions, laps

Dislikes: noise (all kinds), change (all kinds), chewing

A Weetzie Kind of Day

The PixinatorMeet Pixie

An outgoing, friendly cat with a large dash of screwball comedy.  Brave and intelligent.  Doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit”.

Likes: food (all kinds), stealing food, searching for food,  cocooning, mischief

Dislikes: being ignored, being caught stealing food,

A Pixie Kind of Day

… and then there’s the boring, nerdy humans

The Male Human – He takes good pictures.  He likes sci-fi and horror movies, scotch, steak, and all things tech.

The Lady Human – She makes this site.  She likes to read, cook, game, and drink a lot of wine.  And also beer.  She may or may not be addicted to reality TV.

They really, really love cats.

And they thank you for visiting Weetzie’s Cat Emporium!