Birman CatIt’s believed that the Birman cat originated in Burma, but don’t confuse Birmans with Burmese cats – a completely different and not at all similar breed.  The Birman is sometimes called “The Sacred Cat of Burma”.

Like many cat breeds, there are many fanciful stories of the origin of the Birman.  Some have them being kept by Kittah priests in Northern Burma as the official guardians of the Temple of LaoTsun.  As we can’t back this story up with any facts, we’ll focus on what is known – which is that the first Birmans began being shown by breeders in France in the early 1920s.  There were very small numbers of them, and by the end of World War 2, there were only two of them left alive in Europe, so a cross-breeding program began to reestablish the breed.

The Birman has a semi-longhaired coat, not as thick as a Persian‘s and not prone to matting.  Birmans are large cats, with stocky, sturdy bodies.  Their coats are light colored, golden or eggshell, with darker colored points.  Their points are a variety of colors, including tabby and tortoise patterned.  Birmans have blue eyes and their standout characteristic white feet, which are quite unusual for a pointed cat.  Birman cats with symmetrical white “gloves” are prized, as it is very difficult to breed a cat with four perfectly even white feet.

Birmans are known for being a playful and active, yet gentle, quiet and undemanding cat.