British Shorthair

British ShorthairThe British Shorthair is believed to be the oldest English cat breed, and is said to be descended from the domestic cats of Rome.

British Shorthairs are strong, muscular cats, with long, broad bodies and thick legs.  Its sturdy  build is what’s earned them their reputation as the bulldog of felines.

While males are generally larger than females in many cat breeds, the size difference is particularly noticeable in British Shorthairs.

British Shorthair KittenTheir heads are round, with chubby cheeks and wide set, round eyes.  Their ears are small and set far apart.  The males can develop prominent jowls, giving them a very slight resemblence to Winston Churchill!

British Shorthairs have a thick, dense coat and a plush (but not fluffy) tail.  Their coats come in a very wide variety of colors and patterns.  The most popular for many years was the “British Blue”, a solid grey coat with a blue-ish hue.

The British Shorthair is a low stress, low maintenance cat.  They do well as only cats, and as indoor cats, making them a great pet for working people.  They enjoy attention, but are not really the lap cat type.  In fact many of them dislike being picked up and cuddled.  They’re not very demanding, not very chatty, and require very little grooming.  They’ve been the most popular cat breed in the UK since 2001.

Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat was a British Shorthair.