Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex CatIt’s hard to say what is most memorable about a Cornish Rex cat’s appearance. It could be their very short, fine, and wavy coat. Or their very thin and long-limbed body. Or maybe their incredibly unique faces? Everything about this cat breed is pretty remarkable.

The curly fur of Cornish Rex cats is the result of a genetic mutation. The Cornish Rex is often confused with the Devon Rex, the other curly-haired cat breed,  but they are not related genetically at all. Their curled coats are caused by two completely different mutations. The Cornish Rex’s fur is shorter than that of most shorthaired cats, and much softer than most as well.

Cornish Rex Cats

The first of today’s Cornish Rex cats was found in a litter of ordinary domestic shorthair kittens in Cornwall, England. One of these kittens had very short hair in rows and rows of tight curls, making this kitten look like a very tiny and out of place lamb. The owner decided to keep the curly kitten, and was later told by a veterinarian that the kitten wasn’t just cute, it was very rare and unique. A breeding program was started, bringing in ordinary domestic shorthairs for breeding diversity, as well as Siamese and Burmese cats – which  is where the sleek and slender body of the Cornish Rex was inherited from.

The Cornish Rex is a small to medium sized cat with a very willowy appearance. All long limbs with a graceful, curved build – never stocky or bulky. But, contrary to this delicate appearance, these cats are all muscle – the hard bodies of the cat world! Cornish Rexes come in a variety of colors and most cat coat patterns, including the traditional pointed Siamese pattern.

Cornish Rex cats are an outgoing and intelligent breed. Athletic, active and adventurous, as well as very social and affectionate with their humans, making them a fun and friendly pet. Due to their thin coats, they are not at all suited to being outdoor cats. Even indoors they will feel a chill more than everyone else, often seeking out sources of heat – like electronics and appliances… and laps.

Cornish Rex