Devon Rex

Devon Rex CatThe Devon Rex  is a unique and distinct looking breed of cat with a short curly coat and an elf-like, vaguely alien looking face. With their really large ears set low on the sides of their very wide heads, their big expressive eyes, and their cute little upturned noses, you’d be hard pressed to confuse them with another breed. Even without factoring in one of their key features – their soft, wavy coat. Devon Rex cats are also known to some as the “Pixie Cat”, the “Alien Cat” and the “Poodle Cat” (because of its curls).

The first official Devon Rex cat was found in England, in a stray cat’s litter of kittens. A woman who cared for the stray thought the one kitten with curly hair was adorable, and brought him home to live with her. She named him Kirlee, and all of today’s Devon Rex cats are descended from him. Devon Rex cats are carefully bred with non Rex (meaning curly) cats to keep the available gene pool strong and large.

Devon RexThe curly coat of a Devon Rex is the result of a genetic mutation. Initially it was believed that the Devon Rex must be related to the other well known curly haired cat, the Cornish Rex. However, they’re not related at all, and the curly coat of each breed is caused by two completely different mutations. There are, however, some similarities to the mutation found in the Sphynx cat. The Devon Rex’s fur varies from cat to cat. Some will have a thick, even coat, and some will have a thin covering of fur, which may even be bare in spots. Their coats will also change over the course of their lives, some molting and re-growing with the seasons, and some losing more and more of their fur as they age. The Devon Rex coat doesn’t require any special care. They shed, like any other cat, but the unique nature of their fur can make what’s shed less noticeable.

Devon Rexes are medium sized cats, weighing in at 6 – 9 lbs. Their whiskers are curly and quite short, unlike most cats. From certain angles they may appear to not have them at all. Delicately built, but sturdy, they have strong muscular legs. Devon Rex cats come in all coat colors and coat patterns.

Devon Rex cats are very active and playful. They’re great jumpers and love to explore, but they’re also very social, affectionate, and interested in people. The Devon Rex is a low maintenance pet, and is also very trainable and intelligent. Many have been successfully taught to walk on a leash or perform tricks.